7 reasons you need to get your kids a cubby house now!

7 reasons you need to get your kids a cubby house now!

We’ve been making cubby houses for a long time, but we never tire of hearing the positive feedback from families who’ve bought them.

Even families who think adding a cubby to their backyard is going to be great are often amazed to find that it’s even better than they expected.

A great example is the experience of Alex and Vivian and their two young daughters which we posted about a few months ago in A cubby has changed our lifestyle.

So, whether you’re thinking about getting a cubby house or not, if you’ve got kids, here’s what you need to know:

1. A cubby is ‘low tech’!

Most of us spend far too much time these days looking at a screen. They’re everywhere (you’re looking at one right now!) so we need things that will keep our kids away from screens as much as possible. If they get into the habit of going outside for some stimulating and thoroughly enjoyable play while they’re young, you won’t have as much of a battle to get them to put down their tablets when they’re a bit older.

2. A cubby stimulates their senses

Some kids still go for board games, puzzles, building blocks, cars, dolls, trains, colouring books and other hands-on toys and activities, and all of those are great, but very few things engage all their senses at the same time as a cubby. Not to mention a cedar cubby house is both more naturally aromatic and far more tactile than any form of plastic.

3. A cubby is theirs

Kids love having their own things, including their own bedroom and/or play space inside the house, but of course even they know it’s not really theirs. You help them look after and organise it, and you are in there with them a lot, too. Not so with a cubby. They get an entirely different and powerful sense of having their own space in a cubby.

4. A cubby teaches independence

The big, wide world can be a little scary – often more so for us thinking about our little ones out there than for them. Even if you’re a helicopter parent, always worrying about your kids hurting themselves (or even making a mess), having them playing just out the back in a safe, well-constructed play space is perfect for you and them. They might push the boundaries a bit, but that’s also a great way for them to learn their limitations relatively safely.

5. A cubby challenges them

Giving your kids a permanent space that challenges them just a little lets them learn about themselves, their physical capabilities, and what they’re comfortable doing, and learning all of that at their own pace. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly they gain self-confidence by doing things for themselves, then stepping up to try something a little harder. That’s a natural and organic way for kids to test themselves and improve.

6. A cubby is a blank canvas

This works two ways. Not only do they get to use their imagination to the fullest – one day it’s a rocket, the next a shop, the next a pirate ship – but you should let them loose adding whatever ‘design’ features they like. That might be their art work or specifically-created bunting, or perhaps they’ll want to add a blackboard or a table and chairs or a window box of flowers. You might be surprised at their creativity once you give them some freedom … and encouragement.

7. A cubby is educational

There are so many things kids learn from play, whether alone or with others. As well as self-care and independence (see point 4), self-confidence (point 5), and creativity (point 6), a cubby house is an ideal environment for kids to explore their own personalities, without any adults guiding them one way or another.

It’s also widely accepted that playing with others is an important way for kids to learn how to communicate, share, collaborate, empathise, and more. If they can learn to negotiate their way through times where they have different ideas about what to do and how to play, they’ll be set for life!

There’s never a bad time to add a cubby house to your kids’ lives, but we recommend getting one as soon as they’re old enough to get in and out by themselves. That way they really have time to grow up in and around that stimulating structure that’s specially for them.

Check out our three sensational cedar cubby houses the Hutt, the Hideout, and the Hideout Tower – and make what really is a very affordable investment in your kids’ development.