A Stilla shed: the ultimate spring-cleaning weapon

A Stilla shed: the ultimate spring-cleaning weapon

Footy is winding down (it’s well and truly over for some of us), the sun’s a more regular fixture in the sky – and for a bit longer each day – the birds are chirping, and the bees are doing what bees do.

That means it’s about time for that annual household ritual, the spring clean.

Any day now, all our winter stuff can go away for a good six months, while we dig out some of the gear we haven’t needed since about March.

Sure, the origin of spring cleaning was more about letting some air through the house, doing the long-overdue dusting, and washing soot off everything.

That’s because, in ye olden days, spring marked the time people stopped using their furnaces and open fires. That meant they could clean their walls, furniture, and fittings, and hang big things like curtains and blankets out to dry in the sun and wind.

But, these days, spring cleaning is as much a chance to rearrange things around the home, maybe do a bit of a cull of stuff you don’t need any more that’s just cluttering up the place, and basically make a concerted effort to get a bit more organised.

Spring cleaning can be enjoyable

Of course, you can look at spring cleaning as a bit of a chore. Does anyone actually enjoy the cleaning bit (especially if it involves scrubbing)? Mind you, it can be a fascinating exercise to move a piece of furniture and find what’s hiding behind and under it!

We’d rather think of spring cleaning as a chance to freshen up our lives and living areas. It’s a process you go through to get the result of a clean, tidy, fresh-looking (and smelling) home. You might even go as far as a new lick of paint or a long overdue bit of repair work.

If you can keep your eyes on the prize – your place looking and feeling as good as new – it really is some very short-term ‘pain’ for a long-term gain.

At the same time, chances are that you’ll uncover some hidden gems. Haven’t we all been pleasantly surprised to find something we haven’t seen (let alone used) for a while, in the back of a cupboard, chucked in a box, or buried under some less-exciting stuff?

Then there’s those lighter moments when you stumble across something that seemed like a good idea at the time, but hasn’t been used (or worn, or played with) since. What were you thinking? And who can you give it to?

Have you got a shed?

While you’re rediscovering some less-than-useful odds and ends, you’re probably also finding a bunch of things that you want to keep somewhere, but you just don’t know where.

That’s where your new Stilla shed comes into its own.

After all, one of the things a backyard shed is very good at is storing things.

With a shed comes a virtually blank storage canvas. You can get the sort of shelves, hooks, storage containers, and so on that are extremely practical and flexible, but don’t really have a place inside the house.

Check out some ideas in 17 smart storage solutions for your shed and 7 super shed storage ideas to make the most of your space.

So, not only are you getting more room in drawers, cupboards, and wardrobes, and under beds and tables inside the house – now stunningly free of clutter – but the stuff you’ve moved out into the shed starts off being well organised and easy to find when needed.

The shed keeps on giving

While the spring clean itself doesn’t usually take more than a weekend or two, your brilliant new backyard shed offers many more long-term benefits.

For a start, once you’ve set up your shed you’ll be motivated to store things properly, rather than just finding a corner to prop them up in or a cupboard to hide them from sight.

You might be surprised at how much savvier you become, for example from now on when you get something new you might not throw out the box but keep it in the shed in case it comes in handy in the future.

There’s even a good chance that, having rediscovered some of the things you’ve had in a cupboard all along (and now knowing where they ‘live’), you might start using them more regularly.

That’s a big part of the beauty of a shed: it sits there tempting you to use it, focuses your attention on the possibilities, and ultimately motivates you to do stuff.

Looks aren’t everything, but …

We started our spring cleaning with the intention of making the house look and feel a lot lighter, brighter, tidier, and fresher, and we’ve more than achieved that objective with the addition of a shed.

A shed – particularly a stylish Stilla cedar shed – adds value to any home.

It also adds a whole new dimension to your lifestyle, making your backyard both more functional and more attractive.

You wouldn’t be the first (or last) proud new shed owner to want to show it off by having people over for a barbecue.

What are you waiting for? Choose a Stilla shed from our range today and get into spring-cleaning mode this weekend.