Be a trendsetter with a Stilla studio

Be a trendsetter with a Stilla studio

You might not be the first person in your peer group to start their own business, although if you are taking that step without knowing anyone else who’s done it, good for you!

There’s also a good chance that some of your friends and colleagues are doing some or even all of their work from home, particularly if they’re in an industry that favours online collaboration, freelancing or contractors.

It’s probably not all that unusual, either, for someone you know to have a dedicated study, den, or home office.

But does anyone in your circle have a Stilla cedar studio yet?


Why we created the Stilla studios range

Over 20 years ago, when we were in the process of building the business that is now Stilla, we introduced small timber cabins to our original range of sheds, cubbies, and kennels.

They were quite popular, and mostly used as hobby rooms and home offices, as well as farm stay accommodation buildings.

About five years ago, we decided to consolidate our product offering while we put more time and effort into refining the quality of our materials, streamlining our manufacturing processes, and generally making our sheds and cubby houses easier to transport, more cost-effective, and more enjoyable for people to assemble and install themselves.

However, we weren’t surprised to find that there was still a demand for stand-alone home offices and hobby rooms, and we found that quite a few customers were using our larger sheds for those sorts of things.

We were also getting enquiries from suppliers and direct from potential customers about whether we could offer something a bit larger and more ‘refined’ than a shed that they could happily spend hours working in (and having clients in for meetings).

So, true to our company motto ‘inspired to satisfy’, we really had no choice but to come up with a range of ‘sophisticated’ sheds!

What’s a studio got to offer?

As we’ve said before, we’re never going to discourage anyone from using a shed, but when we realised that some people were using our sheds as home offices, hobby rooms, or spare rooms in lieu of a better option, it was time to offer the better option.

Like all of our cedar products, our studios are attractive, durable, and easy to install.

With pre-fabricated wall panels and gables, steel truss roof supports for raked ceilings, windows and doors, they form a solid and impressive structure.

Then there’s the added value of timber stud walls, which make it easy for you to line and add internal walls to personalise your space for your needs.

That’s certainly one of the key features, because we’ve found that everyone has a different idea of what their home office or hobby room should look like on the inside.

We’ve also got you covered with fully-engineered plans and drawings that are ready to submit to your local council to streamline building approvals.

So, if you have any reason – even half an excuse – to think about getting an extra, separate, dedicated room, check out the details of the four studios we’ve created.

We think you’ll love them, and then you can be the first person you know with a sensational, fully Australian made Stilla cedar studio of your own.