Cheap sheds are everywhere (except at Stilla)

Cheap sheds are everywhere (except at Stilla)

Have you seen an ad for a cheap shed? If you haven’t, wait a few minutes! They seem to be everywhere.

We understand that people are always on the lookout for a bargain – we’re no different – but it’s important not to spend your money on something that really is cheap, meaning it won’t do its job properly and won’t last very long.

Cheap sheds, like most cheap things, are cheap for a reason.

But, unless you’re buying a small toy, greeting card, or decorative item from the $2 Shop, going for the cheap option is likely to cost you in the long run.

When it comes to something that needs to be durable, something like a shed for example, there is simply no way buying cheap is going to turn out to be a good decision.

That doesn’t mean you should pay a premium

We’re certainly not advocating spending up big, particularly if it’s outside your means or your needs. Always weigh up what you’re spending against what you’re actually getting.

Of course, with some products, you can pay a bit extra for some bells and whistles, things that aren’t necessary for reliable functionality, but are nice to have.

Some people are also quite happy to pay more for a recognised brand name product than for something equivalent from a no-name brand.

Then there’s the upsell, where there is a basic version, but the manufacturer deliberately makes it look quite plain so that the next model up, with the added extras, looks a lot more attractive and well worth the extra dollars.

Let’s be clear here: none of that applies to Stilla sheds.

All Stilla products are thoughtfully designed and created to provide optimum value.

Quality costs a bit more

Cheap sheds, like any cheap products, are made of cheaper materials, use less thorough manufacturing processes, and generally have poor quality control. You’re also likely to be left to your own devices, with little or no after-purchase customer service.

At Stilla, we pride ourselves on using only the best quality materials, having spent years and years refining our manufacturing processes to make them more efficient and more reliable, and offering the best customer care and support.

Our reputation has been hard earned and means a lot to us, so you can rest assured that there’s nothing even remotely cheap about the way we do things.

What we can promise, however, is absolute value for money.

Because we’re a specialist shed company, we spend all of our time and resources focused only on making the best quality sheds, cubbies, and studios, while keeping our costs down, so that we can sell to you at prices that are pleasantly reasonable for the quality you’re getting.

What are these ‘quality materials’?

Western Red Cedar is widely regarded as the best wood for outdoor structures.

Cedar is more durable, has greater stability, has superior thermal insulation and acoustic qualities, is easier to work with, and simply looks more attractive. It even smells nice!

Even then, not all cedar is of the same quality and the thickness of the boards is important. Stilla uses 18mm thick Canadian Western Red Cedar cladding, which we think is hard to beat.

If wood’s not for you, make sure you opt for the most durable, low-maintenance material.

Stilla has selected the Keter range, partly because the UV-stabilised polypropylene won’t rust, rot, crack, dent, or peel, partly because they’re so well made, and partly because they look great.

What we don’t sell is metal sheds, for a variety of reasons, but mainly because they’ll never match up to the quality and appearance of Western Red Cedar or UV-stabilised polypropylene.

Low maintenance adds to the overall value

If you really want to buy a cheap shed, that’s entirely up to you, but we have to warn you that it a) won’t last as long as a quality shed and b) will need more maintenance to come anywhere close to the lifespan of a quality one.

Think of it as a long-term investment rather than a short-term transaction. By spending a little more, your overall outlay (and effort) is reduced.

Not to mention the invaluable extra enjoyment, reliability, and functionality you’ll get.

And might we add that having an awesome shed in the backyard has been proven to increase property values!

Check out the full range we offer at Stilla and, if you’re comparing them to any others, make sure you’re comparing like for like.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have, because we want you to not only get a first-class shed, but also one that’s right for you.