Q. Do I need to stain/paint my cedar shed?

A. We would recommend staining or painting your cedar shed. However, if you don’t, it does not compromise the durability of the product. If left uncoated, over time the product will weather to a silvery grey colour.

Q. What do I coat my cedar shed with?

A. If you are painting your cedar shed to match the colour of your house we would recommend undercoating it with an oil based primer. If you are staining your shed we recommend Intergrain Natural Stain (Cedar Cypress Colour) which is available from most major hardware stores or paints stores.

Q. Do I need a concrete slab?

A. If you have purchased the rebated floor option or the heavy duty floor option there is no need for a concrete slab.

Q. Do I need the heavy duty floor kit or will the rebated floor suffice?

A. The heavy duty floor kit is for out of level ground. This kit comes with treated pine posts at 750mm long. These are used to level the floor on the unleveled ground. The rebated floor needs to go on level ground; it is fine to place the floor on grass, dirt, pavement, gravel etc.

Q. Can I change the colour of the roof?

A. Yes, however there is an additional cost. We use Woodland Grey as standard for the garden sheds and Paper Bark for the cubby houses.

Q. Will termites eat my shed and if so will the warranty cover this?

A. We are 99.9% certain your shed will never be attacked by termites. All framing used is treated pine and the cedar is naturally termite resistant. If you ever have issues with termites attacking your shed this is all covered by our 10 year warranty.

Q. Are the sheds easy to assemble?

A. Our cedar shed kits are a very enjoyable DIY experience. The kit comes with pre-made panels that simply screw together.

Q. If I order today, when can I expect my STILLA product to arrive?

A. The lead times will differ between Keter & Cedar items. For an accurate ETA please phone 0732031172

Q. How do Keter products stand up to the harsh Australian UV rays from the sun?

A. All our products are crafted from the highest grade polypropylene resin and have a high content of UV inhibitors injected into the material. They are made in Israel – suited to Israel conditions – Israel & QLD are matched with the highest level of UV in the world therefore our products will not fade, craze, crack or deteriorate.

Q. Are Keter storage products water-proof?

A. All our storage products are water resistant and can be situated outside in wet weather conditions.

Q. How strong are Keter sheds? Will they blow away?

A. Our sheds are made from a very high quality resin and most have steel reinforcing in the walls and roof structure. This results in a very stable shed, able to withstand normal wind conditions as long as they are fixed to the ground. If you live in a high wind or cyclone prone area, our sheds will not be covered under the normal warranty terms.

Q. How do I fix Keter sheds to the ground?

A. All our sheds have fixing points in the floor. If you are positioning your shed on a concrete slab or pavers, we recommend that you use M10 galvanised dyna bolts through those fixing points. If you are positioning your shed on a compacted road base, dirt or other soft surfaces, we recommend that you use M10 galvanised cup head bolts 300 – 450mm long (depending on the ground firmness).

Q. Are there other colours available?

A. Most of our products only come in 1 colour combination and what you see in the picture and what is listed, is what you get. If there are colour options, they will be listed for you.

Q. What can I use to clean my outdoor product?

A. Using a damp piece of cloth, thoroughly wipe the box clean. Repeat this action an adequate amount of times.

Q. Why is a 70cm clearance needed for the sheds?

A. In order to properly assemble some parts of the shed, it should be kept 70 cm from any fence or wall until fully assembled.

Q. What is the fire rating for the Sheds?

A. Sheds fire ratings:
made of polypropylene UL94
Home Polypropylene-x%
Heterophasic block PP Copolymer-y%
Filled (80% chalk) HPP0 Less than 10%
Coloured UV Stabilized M/batch (LLDPE or HPP carrier)-2/5%

Q. What is the load weight limit on the floor panels of the sheds?

A. 165 kg per cubic metre.

Q. What is the weight limit for the brackets and what size should the shelf be?

A. 167.6cm L x 33cm W x 3.8cm H with SH bracket 19.9 kg. evenly distributed. The shelf ends will rest on the corner panels. Only one shelf bracket required for each shelf. The shelves will only go in the side panels.

Q. Can the door panels be put on the side of the shed?

A. Door panels can only be put on one end of the shed.

Q. How do I line up the door panels on my shed?

A. First, you need to make sure that your shed is level. Next, you will need to have someone in the inside of the shed with the doors closed. A second person needs to stand on the outside of the shed and push on the corner panel until the doors are lined up. You will want to push on the side of the shed that has the door that is sitting higher. Hold the roof in place until the person on the inside installs the YM32 brackets. They need to be about two inches from the top and two inched from the bottom. The YM32 will slide behind the connector and the screws will go through until it connects to the panel. This is going to stabilize the shed and keep the doors in place.

Q. What are Keter products made of?

A. Most of our product contents is Polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is durable and very resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. Unlike wood it will not rot, dent or peel. It is 100% recyclable and most of our products already contain a variable level of recycled material.

Q. Where can I find assembly instructions for my Keter Shed?

A. Instructions are available for download on this website. Simply locate your product under the products section and download the assembly instructions from the link provided on the bottom of the product page. Acrobat Reader is required.

Q. Can I purchase extra brackets and shelves for my Keter Shed?

A. Yes, please feel free to call 1800 784 552 to speak to a friendly customer service representative, alternatively you can call the Keter customer service number in the assembly instructions and purchase an accessory pack directly or order the part by using the Keter online Parts Request system.

Q. Where can I find the dimensions for my shed?

A. The sizes and diagrams for our sheds are available on the right hand side of the individual product pages.

Q. Can I paint my Keter outdoor storage product?

A. No, paint will not properly adhere to most plastic products and can peel and flake.