Make your shed even more functional with a few accessories

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Make your shed even more functional with a few accessories

A while back we wrote about how getting a shed is the perfect way to declutter your house.

Of course, most of us don’t want a cluttered shed, either, so here are some ideas on the sorts of things you could get to keep your shed spick and span.



Having a good set of shelves up against one of your walls is probably the first thing most people think of, whether you’re using the shed for storage, for working in, or a mix of both.

The entry-level is probably a stand-alone chrome wire storage unit, or you might feel the need to step up to some heavy-duty metal shelving, although we like something in the middle, like this black powder-coated metal unit with MDF shelving by Pinnacle.



If you have a lot of little things, you might prefer to shut them away inside a cabinet. That certainly makes the shed look a lot neater when you can close the doors and hide the odds and sods from plain sight.

Our friends at Keter offer a few variations, but this Space Winner Wood Look cabinet is extremely popular.


Storage boxes & organisers

Storage boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from the ones you keep your paper clips, Post-it notes, and spare pens in on your home-office desk or in a drawer, to ones you keep tools in in the garage or workshop.

Some of the bigger ones have handles or wheels and, of course, heavy-duty versions are made of metal and lockable.

We like easy-to-handle, stackable, see-through containers with multiple compartments like the range from Australian company Fischer. They also have a range of multi-drawer organisers.


Storage Tubs

As plastic storage tubs come in all sorts of sizes, from about 20 litre capacity all the way up to 120 and even 160 litres, you’re spoilt for choice. Bunnings’ website lists over 100!

The Ezy Storage range is very comprehensive, they’re made of eco-friendly, recyclable materials, and they’re designed and engineered in Australia, too.



Some things, like garden tools, hoses, and some sporting equipment, are better stored up off the ground or floor, which is where hooks come in.

These also come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including J hooks, S hooks, cradle hooks, and loop hooks. There are even hooks specifically designed for big items like bikes, wheelbarrows, and ladders … and if you’re looking to put several hooks side-by-side the StorEase Smart Panel might be just what you need.


Various accessories

When it comes to making your shed work best for your needs, there are all sorts of modifications you can consider.

For example, we’ve seen people put in artificial grass flooring, skylights, shutters for the windows, pet feeders attached to the outside, and solar-powered lights.

Depending on what you’re going to be doing inside the shed, it might be worth considering some additional ventilation.

A lot depends on what you’re using your shed for, but in our experience, the better organised you are and the neater your shed, the more likely you are to use it more often.

We’re all for helping you make the most of your shed, so feel free to ask for our advice on the sorts of accessories, stacking, hanging, and storage solutions that might work well in your Stilla shed.

Note: Products mentioned in this post are not necessarily endorsed or recommended by Stilla, but are indicative only as ideas to prompt further research of your options.