Corona Luzon Setting - Cappuccino


What does this fine wicker remind you of? A romantic evening or a sunny day at the beach? It is whatever you feel like. You can enjoy every moment of the day your way with the Corona balcony set. Just relaxing or chatting, everything is possible. The nice, matching storage table has a Rezolith finish. This wood look gives extra character to your balcony. A warm blanket for colder evenings is stored away easily.

Item Number 17202128 CA
Dimensions 0.67 x 0.69
In meters
Chair Dimensions 670 x 690 x 760
Front x Side x Height (mm)
Table Dimensions 390 x 390 x 420
Front x Side x Height (mm)
Pack Dimensions 1200 x 800 x 390
Pack Weight 21kg
Product Colour Cappuccino

Corona Luzon Setting - Cappuccino

Current Estimated Delivery Time: 2-7 business days

  • Round wicker 4.5mm
  • Ergonomic backrest and armrests
  • Seat Height : 39cm
  • Use : inside and outside