The Shed Path To Happiness (And Maybe Even Enlightenment)

The Shed Path To Happiness (And Maybe Even Enlightenment)

You might have heard something about Marie Kondo. In case you haven’t, she’s a Japanese ‘organising consultant’ who’s written four books about organising and decluttering.

In the description of her show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, Netflix refers to her as a ‘world-renowned tidying expert’ and people now use her name as a verb, as in ‘How to Marie Kondo your inbox’ and ‘Why you should Marie Kondo your workspace’.

According to Marie Kondo, “The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment”.

This is not news to us

We haven’t just jumped on the Marie Kondo bandwagon. It’s just nice to know that someone else – in fact someone ‘world-renowned’ – is reinforcing something we’ve been saying for many years: a shed is the secret to happiness.

People with sheds already know this.

But if you’re not yet a shed convert, here’s a short list of how sheds make people happier living in their environment.

#1. You know where things are

How frustrating is it to spend ages looking for something? Get a shed, set it up the right way, and there’s a place for everything. When you need it, you know just where it is.

#2. It’s a space of your own

Sometimes you just need to be at one with your thoughts and your things. Not the family’s things, not the stuff you have to have to get by in this crazy world, just the things you like. Make your shed your own little sanctuary and surround yourself with whatever you want, be it Man Cave, She Shed, or something more unique to your personality.

#3. Relax or keep busy – your choice

When life gets manic, where can you go to relax? And when there’s not much to do, can you break the boredom by indulging in your favourite hobby or pastime? You can do either in your shed. It’s there for you to use as you see fit.

#4. Flexibility

It’s not that easy to change things around in your house. Renovations are not only pretty permanent but take time and cost a bit. Changing things up in your shed, on the other hand, can be as simple as getting a new set of shelves or a workbench or chair and moving things around.

#5. Efficiency

You can set up for and tidy up after any outdoor activities – from gardening to croquet – much more quickly and efficiently when your shed is right there.

#6. Pride

Everyone feels good about themselves when they’ve done something well, and even more so when others see what you’ve done and give you a pat on the back (or a high five). Set up your shed the way that’s right for you and your friends will not only want to come around and share your shed but they’ll see you in a different light. They’ll probably even be a bit envious.

#7. Value

As well as the value it adds to your lifestyle, an attractive and strategically-placed shed can add to the value of your property. After all, storage is highly valued and – thanks to Marie Kondo – so is the absence of clutter!

…and that really is just a short list!

It’s almost spiritual

No matter what else brings you happiness, there are so many ways a shed can add a bit more happiness to your life.

In the words of the late Indian spiritual leader Dada JP Vaswani: “True happiness lies in freedom and fulfillment”.

But don’t take our word for it. Find your nearest Stilla stockist and get a shed in your life.

Then drop us a note to let us know what aspect has brought you to a new level of happiness.