What makes a garden shed a garden shed?

What makes a garden shed a garden shed?

There are sheds and there are sheds. We love them all, but we know that not every shed is ‘fit for purpose’.

We have a range of sheds that can be used for whatever you want – in fact, most of our sheds are flexible enough that if you start using it for one purpose, there’s no problem if you change it up after a couple of years when using it for a different purpose suits your needs.

For example, some people initially get a shed simply for additional storage, then their family grows and they need a separate, dedicated space for a hobby or activity, out of the way of the kids. Or a space where they don’t care as much if the kids make a mess.

While storage remains one of the main reasons people get a backyard shed, another very popular use for a shed is gardening.

Why keen gardeners need a shed

People who love gardening – planting and nurturing different plants – really need somewhere to work, as well as somewhere to store their tools, pots, fertiliser, and other things that help them make the garden grow and look just so.

After all, it sort of defeats the purpose of crafting a lovely garden if the bits and pieces that aren’t part of the natural landscape are lying around spoiling the manicured appearance.

Not to mention that you’re probably spending a bit on your tools, so you want to keep them safe from the elements, and a shed right there in the garden is a lot more convenient than going back and forth to the garage or laundry or wherever else you might be able to keep them out of the way of your indoor life.

And speaking of the weather, while a bit of rain is great for the garden itself, if you don’t have a shed for shelter, some of your precious gardening time can be lost when the weather isn’t favourable.

What makes a good gardener’s shed?

The first thing to think about is easy access. If you’re storing a lawnmower, you’d probably prefer to push it straight in rather than have to lift and twist. If you’ll be carrying large plants in and out, your doorway should make that easy enough.

Positioning is also important, both in terms of convenience – you don’t want to be wearing a path across a nice lawn going back and forth all the time – and aesthetics. If you get an attractive Stilla Western red cedar shed, it’ll look fantastic right there alongside your prized flowering plants or veggie plot.

A bit of natural light is also a good thing, whether that’s via a skylight or a couple of decent-sized windows. Just consider the orientation, to make sure your light isn’t blocked by the house or a big tree, and that the direct sunlight isn’t either blinding you or overheating you when you’re in there.

A workbench is extremely useful (as anyone who has one will tell you), particularly if you like planting seeds and replanting cuttings. Make sure it’s not too high so that you can work easily inside a pot that’s sitting on top of it. It can also be a great help in keeping some of your hand-held tools tidy while still within easy reach.

If you can have a sink with a tap – either inside or against one of the walls on the outside – that will be a big plus. Not only will you be able to wash your tools before you put them away, but you’ll also be able to easily fill a watering can when you just need a bit of water for your planting.

Storing things neatly is half the fun

When it comes to storage, you’ve got plenty of good options.

A lot of people like to hang a few of their larger tools on a wall, which not only keeps them handy but also not taking up shelf space, not where you might trip over them, and not likely to fall over on your head when you’re moving something else.

The best shelves are adjustable, so you can have a couple of bigger, heavier things on the bottom, and lots more smaller things up top. It’s also a good idea to have some bins, either designated for specific items (one for bits of rope or ties, for example), or for odds and ends.

Some people use a filing drawer to keep all of their seeds in order and easy to find. Others favour stackable tubs or even multi-drawer organisers like the ones you use for paper clips and rubber bands in a home office.

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And don’t forget that if you have any shed questions at all, we’re here, ready and eager to offer our expert advice. Just give us a call or drop us a note.