12 sheddy gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas

12 sheddy gift ideas for the 12 days of Christmas

Santa’s mailbag is filling up fast, and you’ve got less than eight weeks left to get him your Christmas wish list.

In case you’re struggling to come up with some good ideas, we’re here to help … in the most shederific way, of course!

Whether you’re looking to buy something for a shed lover you know, dropping hints for someone else to shop for a gift for you, or just getting yourself ‘a little something’, here are a dozen ideas.

1. A Stilla shed

No surprise this is the top of the list. Check out the full range of Stilla cedar sheds and choose the one that suits you and your backyard. Our Christmas favourite is the Maple, with the double colonial-style glazed door.


2. A Stilla cubby house

If you’re more inclined to buy something for the kids, you can’t go past one of Stilla’s cedar cubby houses. Just picture how nicely you and the family can decorate the Hideout for the festive season, before enjoying it all year ‘round.


3. A robot lawnmower

If you’re one of those people who loves mowing the lawn, who are we to begrudge you that simple pleasure? But if you’re one of those people who think it’s a bit of a chore, why not consider a robot lawnmower? Here’s a review of the top ones available now. You can get them for under $2000, including from Australian Robotic and Husqvarna.


4. An electronic insect killer

If you’ve spent any time at all outdoors in Australia, you know all about flying bitey things. We know you can go the Aerogard spray way and ‘avagoodweekend’ … but we prefer to zap ‘em into oblivion! Here’s an article listing some pretty good electronic bug zappers (our favourite is this solar-powered one).


5. A solar shed light

Solar-powered lighting is a great idea for outdoor areas, including sheds. Kogan has wall-mounted motion-activated lights, there are a few on ebay – including this hanging pendant lamp with remote control – while we really like this compact LED solar shed light, too.


6. Tool storage and shed tidy boxes

The Potting Shed has a great range of tool storage and shed tidy boxes … or you can check out some other options we like in 7 super shed storage idea to make the most of your space.


7. A gardening gift box

While we’re giving The Potting Shed a bit of a pump up, we reckon these gardening gift boxes are really well thought out and packaged (and save you thinking too hard – another thing we appreciate a lot!).


8. A solar radio/flashlight

There are quite a few ‘emergency’ type solar-powered and hand-cranked radios on the market. They’re great for a shed that has no power because they don’t chew through batteries. We like the Freeplay TUF and the FRX2 emergency radio from the Australian Red Cross.


9. A weather-forecasting device

There are weather vanes and barometers … and then there’s this Fitzroy’s storm glass weather-forecasting device. If the liquid is clear, clear weather is coming, and if it’s cloudy … well, we think you’ll figure it out!


10. A book

There are some great books for shed lovers, including The Book of Shed, The Ladybird Book of The Shed, My Cool Shed, The Anatomy of Sheds, and a couple of Australian books of wonderful shed photography called, very simply, Old Sheds and Shed.


11. A vacuum drink flask

One of the best looking vacuum flasks we’ve seen, this one has some gardening quotes to read as you take a tea break at the bottom of the garden. Mind you, any sort of drink holder will probably be appreciated – especially if ti comes with something to drink!


12. A mug

When all else fails (or you’ve spent all of your budget on stuff for the people you really care about!), there’s always a mug. But you don’t have to settle for ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ or something non-shed-specific like that. How about Shed your stuff don’t stuff your shed or I love my She Shed or even this personalised garden mug you can add a name to.

We hope that’s given you a few good ideas.

Feel free to drop us a note if you take up one of our suggestions or comment on our Facebook page if you have a different idea you’d like to share.

Happy shopping.