17 smart storage solutions for your shed

17 smart storage solutions for your shed

Getting a backyard shed is the first step to getting all of your stuff organised. But it is only the first step. You can’t just chuck everything in there, willy-nilly.

Keeping in mind that we’ve all got different stuff and different ways we use our sheds – some of us spend more time inside them, some use them for storage only – we’ve searched out a bunch of storage solutions that could be just right for you to keep your shed stuff in some sort of order.



The obvious starting point is shelves, and we recommend using fairly heavy-duty adjustable shelving. It should be strong enough to handle most things that you can lift onto a shelf while allowing you the flexibility to have some bigger items on the lower shelves.

We also think it’s better to have solid shelves (as opposed to chrome wire ones) so that anything small or narrow doesn’t literally slip through the ‘cracks’. Consider how deep the shelves need to be so that you don’t get a set that stick too far out, taking up valuable space.

  1. Pinnacle 5-tier adjustable shelving unit ($129 at Bunnings)
  2. Pinnacle 5-tier corner adjustable shelving unit ($179 at Bunnings)
  3. Heavy duty 5-shelf storage unit ($119 at Officeworks)
  4. Acerack longspan shelving ($179 from Rackmart)


While open shelving works best for some things, there’s a good case for storing some stuff in a cabinet, particularly if you’re doing some messy work (even sawing, throwing off sawdust) and you want your best tools or other items protected.

A lockable storage cabinet can also be the best option for safety and security, for example if you have any potentially dangerous items that need to be inaccessible to the young and curious.

You also have the option of full-height cabinets or lower-profile ones, which offer the bonus of a shelf-like top where you can store and easily access things at a handy height.

  1. Keter Space Winner wood look cabinet ($179 from Stilla) (note: also suitable for outdoor use)
  2. Keter Optima mini cabinet ($189 from Stilla) (note: also suitable for outdoor use)
  3. Pinnacle lockable garage cabinet ($199 at Bunnings)
  4. Ultimate 2-door ba
  5. se cabinet ($399 from Garage Storage World)


A full set of drawers might not be the most obvious storage solution for a shed – we tend to think of them as more of a bedroom, kitchen, laundry, or office staple – but they can be useful for storing a whole range of smaller items.

Alternatively, you might find a smaller set of drawers that can sit on a shelf or bench extremely handy and more than enough for your odds and ends. Then there’s the option of drawers on wheels, so they can sit under a bench until you need to bring them out.

  1. ToolPro metal organiser – 11-drawer, stackable ($38.95 at Supercheap Auto)
  2. Spencer 7-drawer cabinet ($109 at Officeworks) (note: comes in 8 colours)
  3. Gladiator 3-drawer modular gearbox ($400 from Gladiator)
  4. Seville Classics Ultra HD 4-drawer timber top mobile roll cabinet ($359 at Just Pro Tools)

Boxes, bins and tubs

Compartmentalised storage bins are the ideal way to organise the fiddly things, from nuts, bolts, and washers, to labels, twist ties, and bulldog clips. Larger, stackable tubs give you a flexible, expandable system for storing things of various shapes and sizes much more neatly.

  1. SCA storage box 100 litre, heavy duty ($36.41 at Supercheap Auto)
  2. Modular 16-compartment storage unit ($50 from Catch.com.au)
  3. 22 storage bin rack stand ($189 from Complete Storage Solutions)
  4. Full Boar red heavy duty site box ($299 at Bunnings)

A bit of everything

We stumbled upon this combo from Modern Furniture which incorporates a tall cabinet, a lower-profile cabinet, a set of drawers, and a pegboard. It looks to be a pretty complete solution for storing and organising tools and everything else.

  1. Workshop garage storage unit ($562 from Modern Furniture)

Disclaimer: Apart from the Keter products sold by Stilla, we have no affiliation with – nor do we endorse – any of the above products or businesses. The information in this blog post is intended as guidance and inspiration only and should not be taken as a recommendation.

Note: All prices correct at time of publication.